Explorers, Cub & Beavers too.....

Our Scout (10 ½ - 14 years old) troop meets on Tuesday evenings from 7pm-9pm.  The Scouts subs are £3.00.   Sometimes we're in the Scout Hut playing games, cooking, improving our woodland skills and generally preparing for the next camp, sometimes we're camping, climbing, visiting, exploring, building,(night) hiking, cooking, making fires etc etc etc......

A little older we have an Explorers Unit(14-18 years old) who also meet on Tuesdays in parallel with the Scouts (7pm-9pm), but have a different programme, including the DofE (Duke of Edinburgh) and Queen Scout award (which is tougher than the DofE I bet you didn't know that!!!).  Link to their site here.  Their subs is also £2.00 per night plus a £38.00 yearly membership fee.

On Tuesday we have both a Beaver Colony (6-8 years old) these meet between 5.30pm and 6.30pm and subs are £2.50 per child and as above we expect a commitment for a term. 

We also have a Cub Pack (8 - 10 ½  years old) this pack meets between 6.45pm to 8.15pm also on Wednesday and subs are £3.00 per child and as above we expect a commitment for an entire term. 

Both these groups do lots of craft activities so plenty of glue, sticky paper and glitter, although we do play a lot of noisy and exciting games and most importantly we get to camp too and start to learn our Scout skills early on.

In March 2017 we are introducing an annual membership fee of £38.00 per member, but we will reduce the weekly subs by £1. (this already applies to Explorers) 

If your child is interested in joining please contact with one of the leaders and we'll do our best to arrange a trial session.